Monday, March 8, 2010

TeachPaperless: Go Paperless for Earth Day!

TeachPaperless: Go Paperless for Earth Day!

Teacher, Shelly Blake-Plock has challenged educators to go paperless on Earth Day in April. He's created a form for people to take the pledge that you can access on his blog. I played devil's advocate suggesting to some students that they go paperless on Earth Day by neither accepting nor handing in any paper. We already have a day of silence to bring attention to those children throughout the world who are unable to speak for themselves. This is an idea along those lines. It will be interesting to see if they run with it.

I hope they do as it will give them cause to consider how they might conduct business without paper. I'm thinking of offering a lunch time session on ways to accomplish this. I will encourage them to hand in assignments by using apps like Google Docs, Zoho.

There are many advantages to going paperless other than saving trees. The aspect of online collaboration between students and the ability for teachers to conduct effective formative assessment are two good reasons.

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