Saturday, March 6, 2010


UPDATE Mar. 8th - I'm happy to say the issue has been resolved.  Don't know what the cause was but it's working again as of last night.  Now to get on with the really important stuff, enjoying my Spring Break holiday.

I haven't posted this week as something very strange has happened.  About three days ago it seems that I was being blocked by Blogspot when using my laptop at home.  I, and several people much wiser than me, have been unable to figure out why.  This morning I'm accessing the site through a proxy server.

Here's the situation:
  •  I get a 403 forbidden, access denied by access control list message when I try to go to any blogspot site
  •  I can access blogspot sites using my husband's computer at home *** NOT ANY MORE, he's blocked too.
  •  I can access blogspot from my same computer at work, just not at home
  •  I tried cleared the cache and cookies
So for some mysterious reason Blogger does not allow me to access any blogspot sites on my laptop at home.  Anybody out there have a similar problem?  Anyone have a fix-it for me?

Thanks for the comment re Telus and Google.  I tried to comment back but it would not work.  Will try to contact Telus and see if they can help.

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Jordan Bateman said...

Are you using TELUS to get on the Net? We have the same problem and think Google may have inadvertently banned some Telus IP's...