Saturday, March 20, 2010

Things I Learned This Week

  1. Tag first.  My track record for tagging posts is dismal so I am going to try to tag first.  This may help me focus my posts a little better if I write down at the beginning what they are going to be about.
  2. Twitter tricks.  If you have an Evernote account you can send your tweets directly to to Evernote.  There's a good explanation with video here.  In a nutshell you simply add @myEN to any tweet.  Or you can direct message a note to @myEN with a private reminder of something.  You can even add a thumbnail photo from Twitpic.  
  3. Portable Apps save aggravation.  A common problem for my staff is that our district uses Deep Freeze to reset the desktop image on staff PCs every night.  So, each time a teacher wants to use a tool like delicious or skype they have to download, again and again.  With portable apps you access a browser through a flashdrive and all your settings are saved on the flashdrive.  A plug in and go solution.
  4. Posterous used in conjunction with Twitter is a great way to push information out to readers.  My district's Learning Innovation Leadership Team (a fancy name for a group of volunteers interested in technology) is using our posterous account to flag articles of interest.  That account is linked to Twitter so when something new is added it gets Tweeted out through @LAN44.
All this learning thanks to my PLN on Twitter and my own techie guru @bryanhughes.

Image used under a CC licence from dkuropatwa

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