Sunday, March 14, 2010

Happy Birthday Blog

Hard to believe three years have gone by since I first started the WebFooted Booklady blog.  My first posts were notable for their brevity: Into the Deep End.  So what has this experience taught me?

  • Together we're better.  Posts where I've collaborated with others or written about team projects tend to be my most read.  One example is Technology in Biology Class which I wrote with suggestions from an exemplary science teacher.
  • When I help someone else, I learn.  A number of posts have been the result of answering a question from Twitter that required more than a 140 character response.  I love the challenge of finding answers.  Often helping one person provides resources for helping others.   That's why my delicious account is stuffed with over 6600 bookmarks and growing.  It's my online library.
  • If you have an Internet connection there is no reason to be alone.  My PLN has grown through this blog and through twitter and I have so many wonderful educators to share with and call on for help.  Thanks to all of you!
  • Blogging works better when it's just one of the tools you use.  It's handy to have a suite of tools: a wiki, social bookmarking, twitter, youtube, image storage for example.  Pick tools that are specific to your needs and use them in conjunction with one another.
Spring Break is drawing to a close and tomorrow I will be back at work and looking forward to more learning, sharing and blogging.

Image used under a Creative Commons licence from soapylovedeb


Jim said...

It's good you made it out of those terrible twos!


MrsE said...

Thanks Jim, too true!

Cathy Nelson said...

I'm glad to be a part of your very special PLN. Happy third!! I know the 4th will bring on even more to share!

MrsE said...

Thanks, Cathy, that's for sure! With our rapidly expanding field online, new tools to test and people to mentor it can only get better. It's hard to imagine the days before web2.0. How did we manage?